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MIXING | Chris Lord-Alge

DURATION 1 hour and 28 minutes

Chris Lord-Alge is one of the best sound engineers in the world and winner of numerous grammys. He will show you his personal way of working using his renowned plugins and the SSL 4000G+ console for analog summing and volume control. Chris Lord-Alge in this video course CLA will mix a Pop / Rock song from start to finish, explaining the whole process in detail

CLA will show you:

- His way of organising the session - How he organises the tracks in the SSL channels - How he digitally recreates his SSL workflow - his way of using eq and compression - How and where he uses slap delays to add movement to a track - How he records and bounces the finished mix


-Pro Tools


-CLA Mix Hub -CLA-76 -Valhalla Vintage Verb -Mod Delay 3


-SSL 4000G+ -Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb -Lexicon PCM42
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